Toin Thar Ceann (Somersault)

A lost troupe of traveling tumblers park up somewhere in your city. They are on a search for identity, home, respect and a good price for 20 meters of quality carpet.

Welcome to the world of the outsiders. Plying their trade of circus, a cramped carny caravan of music, aerial and acrobatics. Their goal is to reach into the minds and capture the hearts of both the old and young.

New circus is alive on the fringe of our society. Are we mad to be outcasts, who choose to be marginalized? In the pecking order of modern culture we walk a tight rope between the elite high art and the underbelly of crass entertainment. We are outsiders, refugees, of our own imagination. We are looking for our own distinctiveness and role in a culture obsessed with individual success and fitting in, a society that is been dumbed into a homogenized submission. We want to disturb the status quo, shake people’s world view, showing them the endless possibility of the human body, the unreal, the surreal and the down right stupid.

Cast: Ken Fanning, Hillas Smith, Flora Herberich and Tina Segner

Written by: Ken Fanning

Directed by: Derek Ives, Candybutchers, Australia


“Turning the circus tradition upside down” The Irish Times

“Especially notable for its extraordinary inventiveness and breathtaking beauty” The Venue