Witness a beautiful disaster in mid-air. Extreme circus skill, inventive humor and exhausting talent. Slap stick acrobatics, hazardous aerial and flying hula hoop all performed around a 7 m high free standing trapezerig.

Tina Machina and Kenneth Fall invite you on a cultural car crash of circus street theatre. Circus theatre…. from the wrong side of feel good.

The circus celebrates the endless possibility of humanity through the metaphor of physical skills and acts of great human strength, feats and endurance. We  share and play with that idea of endless possibility. We use aerial, acrobatic, slapstick  and clown, to disturb, inspire and mostly remind people to have fun.

The Irish Times ‘Turning the circus tradition upside down’

AOIFE, Association of Irish Festival Events  “Transforming the town square into a circus   arena, Tumble Circus enthralled their audiences with dazzling trapeze..”

The Irish Times ‘This is the sort of act that the insurance industry should have banned by now’

Waterford Spraoi “Unforgettable street theatre”

Touring Aims and Objectives

UpAbove is a medium scale, high quality, interactive, circus comedy theatre show designed for outdoors. It is a unique experience for the audience to be able to be this close to aerial and acrobatic acts.

The show is based around a 6.5 m high free standing rig which is highly visible in most public spaces and draws attention by its very presence.

We also have a bigger trapeze rig (8m high), it needs to be guided down to the ground, either with weights or stakes. The advantage of this is that we can do a bigger show with higher technical aerial skill.

Tumble Circus create work that is accessible to all. It’s family entertainment and contains humour that adults and children will enjoy.

The production is available to tour locally, nationally and internationally.

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