Tumble Circus presents Winter Circus 2017

Big Top, Writers Square, Belfast. – From 8th December

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Family shows and late night cabaret shows (18+).

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Belfast’s own Tumble Circus are back in Writers Square from 8th December to 27th December.

A spectacle of circus and comedy in their iconic fully heated big top with full bar for all shows and food stalls to keep your belly full. The ideal alternative to make your Christmas special.

Forget what you think about circus and experience world class acrobats, aerialists, jugglers and the unique humour that has made Tumble Circus an international award winning modern circus company.

This year’s evening show will be hosted by Leonie Pony from Ponydance. A evening of circus hot cabaret, and  raunchy comedy. Beer, food and unforgettable entertainment.

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Here’s all the amazing things people said about last years show.

“It’s great to see something so refreshing happening in Belfast.”

“It has changed my definition of a circus, for the better.”

“Loved the show True quality and talent Lovely tent felt all warm and special Thanks”

“Took our two children – they’ve never been to anything like it. All four of us absolutely loved it!”

“Impressed at the excellent mix of professional entertainment and gentle good nature – warm personal welcome, table service, food and drink served well and at reasonable price, it was v relaxed and relaxing.”

“A thrilling funny amazing show, very enjoyable with extremely talented performers, a great night out for any age..”

“Snow is the perfect family show – kids all enthralled, great craic for the adults, a bar, plenty of room for prams and toddlers.. Fantastic family event.”

“Raucous was incredible! So impressed by the skills of the artists. I didn’t know such talent was local in Belfast!”

“I attended Tumble Circus with my sister, our husbands and two children each. We all really loved the show from start to finish. The talent was amazing and the humour was fantastic. At times we were on the edge of our seats and at times we were in stitches laughing. We will definitely be back next year with a bigger crowd.”

“Excellent show, hope they will be performing next year. Hope to see more circus throughout Belfast.”

“Please come back, loved it and want to take more friends along next year!!”

“Looking forward to this being an annual event”

“We need an annual Christmas show! An alternative to Panto. I saw both the adult and the child friendly shows. This is a great idea and waiter/ess service and food/popcorn makes it feel like a proper treat.”

Ken Evil

Ken  was raised in the grubby Dublin suburb town of Balbriggan.

He entered the world of entertainment at a very early age. By the time he was 13 he was watching at least 7 hours of television a night. In 1995 Ken began traveling with his juggling equipment on the continent, bumbling through Holland, down to France, and settling for a time in Spain. On his travels he met up with buskers, street performers and artists and became inspired with their work and their way of life. He began believing he could live the way they did. In April of 1997 Ken met Tina Segner on Grafton Street in Dublin; they have been working together ever since.

Ken and Tina formed Tumble Circus in 1998 and moved to, and are now based out of Belfast. They believe in a commitment to their work and training, and this ideology has help them surpass their own goals of becoming street performers to now touring internationally as a professional street theatre company and circus performers.

Tina Machina

Tina was brought up in and quickly became bored of the comfortable picturesque university town of Lund, Sweden. With nothing to look forward to but horse, homework and the promise of a pleasant grave in utopia suburbia, she would spend every night dreaming of living a life less ordinary.

One day Tina and her friend agreed that Lund was to small for people with big dreams, enough they decided and left. They were restless teenagers, eager to taste adventure so with a backpack each they hitch hiked their way to see the world. In 1995 Tina came to Ireland and got involved with a street theatre company. It was here that she was first introduced to circus.  Tina was immediately hooked, and this passion for physical skills was to take her to Circomedia in Bristol.  Since then she hasperformed nationally and internationally from fields in Sligo to deserts in Australia