Locally Crafted Belfast Brewed Circus.

Hours of hammer smashing fun!

We are Tumble Circus. We are brave risk takers, making world class, wild and revolutionary Irish Circus. It is our job to make families, communities and audiences gasp, laugh and be inspired to live well.

We create circus for big tops, the streets, online and everywhere in between. 

Tumble Circus is a pioneering, professional company creating extraordinary Belfast-inspired circus that makes people laugh, react and act. 

Our vision of the world is one filled with joy and laughter where people are inspired by circus to push the boundaries of their own limits and follow their dreams.

Our Big Top

Our home also known as the Jossers Big Top. Jossers is old circus slang for “One not born to circus life; an outsider”. Our unique circus Big Top comes on its own or with lighting, sound system, stage, rola track flooring and three tiered bench seating. And we like filling it with some of the most exciting and original artists in the country.  

Our Big Top tours with us around Ireland, hosting not just our circus shows, but also comedy, films and theatre events. Tumble Circus are the only non-traditional big top touring circus in Ireland. 


“Tumble Circus, the Irish Cirque de Soleil if Cirque de Soleil was hit by a bus”


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