Star Man

A One Man Circus Comedy Theatre show

tumble circus starman main

Written and performed by Ken Fanning

Directed by Colm O’Grady.

Lasting 55 min 

For years man has looked to the heavens for inspiration and guidance. But now the heavens have come to them. Star Man, a heavenly mix of circus comedy and cardboard.

Ken was raised in the grubby Dublin suburb town of Balbriggan. He entered the world of entertainment at a very early age. By the time he was 13, he was watching at least 7 hours of television a night. After travelling through Europe for 2 years with his juggling equipment and 20 pounds he returned to Ireland and met Tina Segner on Grafton Street in Dublin,

They formed Tumble Circus in 1998. They are commitment to making new circus work and training, and this ideology has helped them surpass their goals of becoming street performers to now touring internationally as a professional circus theatre company.

Tumble Circus has grown into an award winning international circus company.

As well as performing, Ken writes and directs most of the company’s work. He is also a dad, writer and film maker.

Starman is Ken’s new solo show.