Damn The Circus

Damn everything but the circus. She is a cruel and a demanding mistress. In her crown of sequins and sawdust, youth will perish, talent will bleed and yet we love her so.

With trapeze, hula-hoops, juggling, acrobatics and silks, Damn the Circus is a tale about making the dream of circus and it’s hard annoying reality. With it’s dazzling blend of theatre, slapstick, poetry and daring acrobatics, Damn the Circusshowcases Irish contemporary circus at it’s finest – funny, flexible and refreshingly honest.

Kenneth Fall, Tina Machina and Ursula Burns are the international award winning Tumble Circus. 

All three have been seduced and cursed by circus. Ken and Tina met passing juggling clubs on South Ann Street in Dublin in 1995, they have been working together ever since. Ursula, supplies the live soundtrack and is the most dangerous harpist in the world  ran away with the circus when she was 14, but her mother still doesn’t know.

Premier: 2012
Performers: Ursula Burns, Ken Fanning and Tina Segner
Supported by: Culture Ireland, La Breche, Pass Circus Channel, Seachange Arts
Toured: Ireland, UK, Australia

“Filled with grace, eloquence and strength”

Entertainment.ie ★★★★1/2

“Pitch perfect performances. Very impressive circus skills” 

West Australian ★★★★

“Refreshing and unique”

Belfast Festival of Queens