Nouvelle Carny Part 3

Tumble Circus welcome you once more to their haphazard world of comedy, circus and theatre. 

Nouvelle Carny Part 3 is an absurd trip into the world of five very special carnies. Disobedient clowns, suffering acrobats and confused jugglers clash in this colourful kaleidoscope of mayhem. This is no ordinary circus show however, it’s a car-crash of exciting new ways of presenting circus from the dark side of feel-good.

Premier: 2009
Performers: Hillas Smith, Timmy Hannington, Flora Herberich, Ken Fanning and Tina Segner)
Written by: Ken Fanning 
Supported by: Leonie McDonagh and Grant Goldie
Toured: Ireland, UK

The show was written by Ken Fanning (known as the Michael Flatley of the air)  and then Hillas Smith (graduate from Trinity College, Dublin), Flora Herberich (Bavarian sports acrobat) , Timmy (the Weirdo) Hannington  and Tina Segner (originally from Sweden, complete with allan keys and instruction manual) came in and made it all happen and reinvent Irish Circus in the process.