Steal As Much As You Can

A revolutionary circus show.

Steal As Much As You Can - Show by Tumble Circus

We will smash what you think of circus and save the world in under 1 hour and 10 minutes, with no interval. Activated Aerialist, protesting jugglers, recycled unicycles, organic acrobats, and rewilded clowns. All brewed and crafter in to give you tons of sustainable Craic. Tumble Circus are a radical rabble of Belfast based maverick circus makers. A circus to activate and inspire.

Steal As Much As You Like trailer.

“We are the disturbing flashes of light from another world breaking into this one. We are here to reminded you that Utopia exists and that other ways to live, other ways to be are still possible. There are many obstacles to reach this world and so we encourage you all to steal as much as you can.”